Onion and Tomato Holder for Cutting and Slicer Saftey Tool


Onion and Tomato Holder for Cutting and Slicer Saftey Tool


This tool makes cutting veggies safer and more efficient. This kitchen tool allows you to hold onions hands-free as you slice it. It can also be used to hold a variety of vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, carrots, cucumbers and more with its stainless steel razor-sharp prongs. It’s equipped with 10 sharp prongs that hold the onion in place for easy slicing. It’s 100% BPA-free and absolutely food grade.

This slicing aid is also designed for multiple applications aside from being a holder. It can also be used in meats not just to hold it but as well as puncture tiny holes to meats for better absorption of flavor when marinating and cooking. This tool is perfect for those with poor grip. It is safe to use and is lightweight and it has an extra thick non-slip plastic handle which makes your grip more comfortable so no need to worry about making a mess when your veggies slip out from your hands.

Get more uniform and cleaner vegetable slices when you use this special kitchen tool. Dicing is even easier— just hold down the onion with the tool, slice in between the prongs then turn it on the other direction of the slice then chop again. And voila! Instant clean dices in seconds.

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2017 New Shrendders & Slicers Tomato Onion Vegetables Slicer Cutting Aid Holder Guide Slicing Cutter Safe Fork


  • Keeps onions stable and creates even slices everytime.
  • Easy hold handle allows for firm grip.
  • Great for anyone with poor grip.
  • Works on tomatoes too.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Size:11 x 7.8cm

Package Include:

  • 1x Onion Vegetables Slicer Cutting

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