Tea Filter Bags, Loose Leaf, Disposable Drawstring


Tea Filter Bags, Loose Leaf, Disposable Drawstring


Upgrade your tea time with this tea filter bag set for an easy, wonderful and flavorful anytime tea fix! These tea bags are purely designed to allow only goodness to seep through every cup for a delightful brew fix. Made from safe materials of non-woven fabrics, are non-toxic, eco-friendly made and biodegradable after one-time use. These tea bags are made purely as possible so it is odorless to ensure that no foreign flavors can be tasted other than what is brewed.

These filter bags have an easy drawstring design for easy filling, and for a no mess, no fuss brewing. The mesh of the bag is small and strong enough to hold the loose contents. These tea bags will keep your brewed tea pure with no solids such as tea leaves to ensure a smooth and refreshing tea time experience.

Works great for drip coffee, espresso, DIY scented teas, powder teas, herbal medicine, as hot pot and soup package, spices and more. This tea filter bag set is also a perfect gift idea paired with delightful teas or coffee mixes, and a great company for a special teacup set for those who love coffee or tea.

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  • ★ Safety Materials: Material of Non-Woven Fabrics in natural white color ,safety and environment production, odorless, self-degrade after discard.
  • ★ Various Use: Not only for tea filter bags, but also working great as drip coffee filter bags,herbs,DIY scented tea,herbal tea DIY,herbal medicine package,foot bath package,hot pot package, soup package also it can be used as eye mask etc.
  • ★ Convenience to Use: Use our teaspoon to take tea leaf out,pack and close with drawstring,no tea leaves escape keeping your brewed tea clean, easy to dispose of after use,it is portable tea companion for tea cups.
  • ★ Easy To Use: Easy to fill, single-use, disposable tea filter bags for steeping high-quality loose leaf tea with convenience and you can tie a knot to close it up after used.


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